Top ESG trends every PR professional should know – Capital News 360

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) news is a whirlwind in the new year as companies announce major developments and achievements in sustainability. How can I join the conversation?


To help PR and IR professionals understand how to approach their company’s ESG messaging, check out the latest ESG press releases on PRwire news to see how companies are positioning themselves for the rest of the year. We identified three trends in how we position ourselves:


  1. Sustainability report

Several organizations published annual sustainability, or ESG, reports detailing their achievements. These reports are packed with insight into how companies have turned marketing strategy into success in areas such as reducing carbon footprints, improving diversity, and corporate hierarchy.


  1. Ranking, rating and investment

A significant percentage of companies have acknowledged their ESG efforts and successes. Each year, asset managers and rankings/rating agencies compile long lists of companies that stood out. These ratings and rankings provide stakeholders with insight into which companies are truly performing well on ESG and are worth investing in. Some asset managers are taking an approach to broaden their coverage and portfolio to meet investor demand.


  1. Setting ESG goals

Other companies are drawing up ESG-related plans and goals. With respect to ESG, stakeholders continue to question which companies are meeting their commitments and how they plan to meet these goals.


Final thoughts

The recent surge in ESG-related news is evidence that companies are adopting new digital marketing approaches to building sustainable and robust profiles.